Bill Evans. Interview. Jazz Magazine. 1965

Bill Evans. Interview. Jazz Magazine. 1965   Sometimes, I feel like I'm living two hundred years behind, back in the eighteenth century, not in the twentieth. So I don't know if I'm an impressionist or not. I have the desire to change, but I feel I can't as long as I'm not able to replace... Continue Reading →


Yussef Kamaal. Black Focus. UK 2016

Yussef Kamaal. Black Focus. UK 2016 The borders between London’s musical tribes have always been porous. For Yussef Kamaal, the sound of the capital – with its hum of jungle, grime and broken beat – has shaped a self-taught, UK-tipped approach to playing jazz. In the states, the genre’s long-running to-and-fro with hip hop –... Continue Reading →

Omer Klein ‎. Sleepwalkers. US 2017

Omer Klein ‎. Sleepwalkers. Germany 2017 Music comes largely from the human voice, and landing only on well-defined notes isn't characteristic of the voice. The pianist tries to find ways to work with, and against, this limitation. Omer Klein. Interview. All About Jazz. August 12, 2016 Omer Klein grew up in Israel, where he is considered “One... Continue Reading →

Alfa Mist.Antiphon. US 2016

Alfa Mist.Antiphon. US 2016 The family section is a community of everybody doing a different part, everybody being different. You know? And, in a household you learn about authority, right. You learn about [?]. You learn about selflessness, you learn about organisation, you learn about competition. That's what a family gives you. Alfa Mist. Antiphon. Keen... Continue Reading →

Jason Lindner. Now Vs Now. US 2009. 

Jason Lindner. Now Vs Now. US 2009. The ever restless keyboardist Jason Lindner is at it with another project far different than his previous big-band or small group efforts. In tandem with co-conspirators Mark Guiliana on drums and bassist Panagiotis Andreou also doing poetry and spoken word expressions, Lindner presents contemporary music that hearkens back to the M-Base concept of 20 years prior, but... Continue Reading →

Lee Morgan. The Sidewinder. US 1963.

Lee Morgan. The Sidewinder. US 1963. On returning to New York in 1963, Morgan recorded The Sidewinder (1963), which became his greatest commercial success. The title track cracked the pop charts in 1964, and served as the background theme for Chrysler television commercials during the World Series. The tune was used without Morgan's or Blue... Continue Reading →

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