Manu Katché. Touchstone for Manu. Germany 2014.

Manu Katché. Touchstone for Manu. Germany 2014

My background is classical, my genes on my father’s side are African, and all of this made me think that I should bring something which I like and which defines me. It was not an analysis. It just came to my mind.

The way you play is the way you are, and that’s unique. That’s what we need in the music – multiple unique personalities. Interview. Manu Katche. All About Jazz. 2014

Drummer Manu Katche blossomed as a contemporary jazz drummer and band leader, emerging in the mid-2000s after having played with his share of popular musicians. Born in Saint Maur Des Fossés, France on October 27, 1958, he studied classical piano at age seven in Paris, and at age 15 enrolled at the Conservatorie Nationale de Paris. He then became a session and concert drummer with a wide range of groups, but in the mid-’80s, Katche’s stock rose considerably, thanks to his involvement with the touring and recording projects of Peter Gabriel and Sting.

A specially-price limited edition compilation of the best of Manu Katché on ECM. The French drummer is joined in performances of his tunes by an outstanding cast of soloists including Jan Garbarek, Tomasz Stanko, Nils Petter Molvӕr, Trygve Seim, Mathias Eick, Marcin Wasilewski, Tore Brunborg, and Jacob Young. Recorded 2004 -2012 in Oslo, New York and Pernes-les-Fontaines, and drawn from his widely acclaimed albums “Neighbourhood”, “Playground”, “Third Round” and “Manu Katché”.

Album Reviews:

  • All Music: Touchstone for Manu puts a very fine period on an eight-year run that positioned Katché as a strong bandleader, an accessible composer…and a drummer whose focus on groove and group interplay over chops and excessive gymnastics remains both refreshing and relevant.
  • All About Jazz: Touchstone for Manu works its way through the drummer’s records chronologically, though the tunes selected are largely not in the same order as found on the original recordings.

YouTube Link:
Artist              :Manu Katché
Album            :
Touchstone for Manu
Released        :Augst, 15, 2014
Label               :ECM Records, ECM 2419

Country          :Germany
Manu Katché Stuff
Manu Katché: Drums
Jan Garbarek: Tenor Sax
Tomasz Stanko: Trumpet
Marcin Wasilewski: Piano
Slawomir Kurkiewicz: D. Bass
Trygve Seim: Tenor Sax
Mathias Eick: Trumpet
Jacob Young: Guitar
Pino Palladino: Bass
Jason Rebello: Piano
Jim Watson: Hammond B3
Tore Brunborg: Tenor Sax
Nils Petter Molvaer: Trumpet

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  1. Hamba Kahle*, Bra Hugh Masekela
    (1939 – 2018)
    The music has fallen silent today, but for the briefest of moments,
    for the music shall live on.
    Bra Hugh has left us, he has left this earthly abode to join the giants of jazz who shall welcome him with warm embraces.
    Bra Hugh was a legend, a word used often, but today all the more true.
    When his trumpet sang the heart-rending tones of exile,
    the principled, vibrant, steadfast resistance to tyranny,
    the freight train barrelling down, shaking the ramparts of Apartheid brutality,
    the harsh pain of a people, fighting the oppression of racial segregation,
    through it all,
    Bra Hugh was there.
    Bra Hugh was there in Sof’town,
    in old Kofifi,
    walking tall with his comrades-in-song,
    Bra Hugh was there in Alexandra, among the people, as he always was,
    Bra Hugh played his ‘Soweto Blues’,
    and it rang out loud,
    shaking the foundations of hegemony and racism.
    Bra Hugh has passed on.
    yet Bra Hugh lives on.
    Bra Hugh is hewn into the fabric of South Africa,
    he mingles in the blowing winds,
    in the African rains,
    in the spirit of a people that can never be blunted,
    Bra Hugh lives and walks amongst us still,
    Bra Hugh lives on,
    just as his principles,
    his values,
    his music,
    always will.
    Hamba Kahle* Hugh Masekela!
    Amandla! Awethu!
    Power to the People!
    * – «Hamba Kahle» means travel well, used often when someone has passed away.

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  2. Really love this quote, “The way you play is the way you are, and that’s unique. That’s what we need in the music – multiple unique personalities.” Interview. Manu Katche. All About Jazz. 2014

    Great photography too!

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