Terrace Martin. The Pollyseeds. US 2016. 

Terrace Martin. The Pollyseeds. US 2017.

I was trying to think of something that would bring all of us together… We are all together. We are all one one body. That’s the whole concept of the Pollyseeds right there. It’s like love, togetherness – like we don’t discriminate on anything. If you know how to love, you a Pollyseed. Like, you probably a Pollyseed! Everybody can be a Pollyseed. This album is not ours. It’s for everybody pushing the peace line, that’s pushing love. Terrace Martin. Interview. Rolling Stones Magazine. June 2017

After handling production for Kendrick Lamar, Terrace Martin’s work as a bandleader comes into focus with quiet storm, R&B, and deep grooves that show the composer and instrumentalist making strides.

Terrace Martin’s work on multiple Kendrick Lamar albums made him a part of any serious discussion about the art of production in modern rap. In the parallel dimension of contemporary jazz, he hasn’t experienced the same kind of breakout stardom, though he has been creating new packages for funk and fusion gifts that otherwise might sound rote or expected. The saxophonist makes it easy to spot his influences – including vocoder hooks styled after Zapp & Roger party anthems, or keyboards that specialize in G-funk timbres. But Martin can also mix those tones with warmly synthesized strings, or sizzling rock accents.

Album Reviews: 

AllMusic: With Pollyseeds, Martin executes each small step with precise vision, spreading messages of peace along the way. The album concludes with “Don’t Trip,” a riveting gospel-based composition on which singer Preston Harris plays the role of a choir soloist.

All About Jazz:  Martin’s ability to make it work speaks to his twin skills as a pop producer and as an instrumentalist.

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ-7yQgsGFg
Full Album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWHg0nPusD0&t=2140s
Artist              :Terace Martin
Album            :Pollyseeds 

Released        :Jule, 14, 2017

Label               :Sounds Of Crenshaw ‎– RAD-363

Country          :US
Terrace Martin Quartet
Terrace Martin: Synthesizer
Wyann Vaughn: Vocals
Marlon Williams: Guitar
Robert Searight: Drums
Special Guest
Robert Glasper
kamasi washington


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  1. I am a HUGE Terrace Martin fan!! I live in Florida, not many people vibe like that around here. It is truly refreshing to read your post here on WordPress. Thats wassup! I’m a lover of music, cant wait to see who else you uncover on here..lol

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