Bill Laurance. Flint. US 2014


Bill Laurance. Flint. US 2014

London based pianist and producer Bill Laurance, founding member of the much acclaimed Snarky Puppy, released with Flint his first solo album in 2014.

Flint is stylistically very expansive and genre-crossing, bringing in influences of electronic music while its roots stick with Jazz. Laurance creates wide and fascinating soundscapes with his piano playing, often accompanied with synthesized strings that add an effect of space and openness, as it can be heard on opening track “Neverending City”. The bassline is very concise, leaving space to the piano melodies to develop. Often, as on “The Good Things” or on “Ready Wednesday”, very decently played break  beat drums complete the picture.

Album Revies:

  • London Jazz News:  It is a rich, fascinating piece of work, and when you play close attention to it, and don’t treat it as background, its melodies and groove hook themselves into your brain and don’t let go.
  • The Guardian: Bill Laurance marries improv and extensively composed music. Establishing a solo identity while part of such a big-time band as Snarky Puppy is a tough call, but Laurance has stepped right up to it.

Award Nomimations:

  •   No. 1 in the iTunes Jazz Charts

YouTube Link:
Artist              :Bill Laurance
Album            :Flint

Released        :May, 06, 2014

Label               :GroundUP Music

Country          :US 
Bill Laurance Orchestra
Bill Laurance: piano                  Fender Rhodes: keyboards
Michael League: bass
Robert Searight: drums
Maria Im: violin
Zach Brock: violin
Curtis Stewart: violin
Henry Flory: violin
Lev Zhurbin: viola
Eylem Basaldi: viola
Maria Jeffers: cello
J.Y. Lee: cello
Mike Maher: trumpet, flugelhorn
Matt McLaughlin: french horn
Chris Bullock: tenor sax, clarinet
Brian Donohoe: alto sax, clarinet
Scott Flynn: trombone


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