Omar Sosa, Seckou Keita. Transparent Water.US 2017

Omar Sosa, Seckou Keita. Transparent Water.US 2017

Cuban-born multi-instrumentalist Omar Sosa is a prolific, much lauded performer known for his genre-bending recordings fusing Latin jazz, African traditions, avant-garde improvisation and classical music. Born on April 10, 1965 in Camaguey, Cuba, Sosa began studying music at age five while attending the Escuela Provincial de Musica in Camaguey.

In 2002, Sosa issued the expansive Sentir, for which he earned a Latin Grammy Award nomination for Best Latin Jazz Album. Ayaguna appeared in 2003, followed a year later by the duet album Pictures of Soul with percussionist Adam Rudolph.

In 2017, Sosa collaborated with Senegalese kora player and drummer Seckou Keita on Transparent Water.

Transparent Water occupies space within several different spectra: between plucked and hammered strings, spontaneous and preconceived composition, wandering and purposeful trajectories. This time around Sosa has partnered with Senegalese kora player and singer Seckou Keita to engage a project of exploratory proportions: the album features elements of multiple African regional musics (Mandinka and Yoruba), Chinese reed timbres, Japanese koto playing, and the Afro-Latin piano and percussion canons. Though the pieces are primarily instrumental, they constitute a unity of moods that evoke moments both spoken and introspective.

Album Reviews: 

AllMusic: Each record features masterful piano and deeply spiritual music that has African liturgical roots that is embedded in the very soul of the music of Omar Sosa.

All About Jazz: This epitome of World music is, as suggested by its title, perfectly limpid and even evanescent, its constituent elements rapidly passing through like cirrus clouds.

JazzTime: Omar Sosa is a prolific composer, a tireless improviser and a restless seeker of what it means to be African.

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YouTube Link Full Album:
Artist              :Omar Sosa, Seckou Keita
Album            :‎Transparent Water

Released        :Feb, 24, 2017

Label               :Otá Records ‎– OTA1031

Country          :US 
Einar Scheving Quartet
Gustavo Ovalles: Claves, Percuss
E’Joung Ju: Geomungo
Omar Sosa: Piano, Synth, Vocals
Seckou Keita: Kora, Vocals
Mieko Miyazaki: Koto
Wu Tong: Sheng

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