Michel Petrucciani. Music Style. Career. Personality. 28 Dec 1962- 6 Jan 1999.

Michel Petrucciani. Music Style. Career. Personality . 28 Dec 1962- 6 Jan 1999.

When I play, I play with my heart and my head and my spirit. I don’t play to people’s heads, but to their hearts. The pitfall is that when I make a mistake it sounds absolutely outrageous, really horrible because everything else is so clear.

Shipton, Alyn (2004), Handful of Keys: Conversations with Thirty Jazz Pianists, New York: Routledge

Stylistically, Petrucciani is most frequently compared to Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett for his lyricism and Oscar Peterson for his virtuosity. His playing was often quite dramatic. critics accuse him of over-indulgence and cheap showmanship. Sometimes dismiss his music as being too accessible. Petrucciani was loose and playful in a rhythm section, and gave attention to a strong articulation of the melody. He sometimes paused at the peaks of his solo lines before descending again, as if in appreciation of his idea.

Michel distinguished himself most obviously from his primary inspiration in that he lacked Bill Evans’s cerebral approach to the piano. Petrucciani’s interest was primarily in simply playing. He spent little time reharmonizing or arranging.

Wayne Shorter summed up Michel Petrucciani’s essential character and style in this quote: 

There’s a lot of people walking around, full-grown and so-called normal -they have everything that they were born with at the right leg length, arm length, and stuff like that. They’re symmetrical in every way, but they live their lives like they are armless, legless, brainless, and they live their life with blame. I never heard Michel complain about anything. Michel didn’t look in the mirror and complain about what he saw. Michel was a great musician- a great musician- and great, ultimately, because he was a great human being because he had the ability to feel and give to others of that feeling, and he gave to others through his music.

Hadju, David. “Keys To the Kingdom.” The New Republic, March 17, 2009. Retrieved July 24, 2017

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXEZq6UphBI
YouTube Link Full Album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOWvmDTSgLU
Artist              :Michel Petrucciani
Album            :100 Hearts

Released        :June, 04, 1983

Label              :Blue Note ‎– 7243

Country         :US
Format: Album, Vinyl
Michel Petrucciani – Piano

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