Einar Scheving. Intervals. US 2015

Einar Scheving. Intervals. US 2015

Intervals is the third album from Icelandic composer/drummer Einar Scheving. The album features his quartet, which comprises some of Iceland’s finest jazz musicians – Eyþór Gunnarsson on piano, Óskar Guðjónsson on saxophone, Skúli Sverrisson on bass, and Einar on drums and percussion. Einar received the Icelandic Music Awards for both his other albums, Cycles (2007) and The Land of My Father (2011), as well as outstanding reviews.

Album Reviws:

All About Jazz: One of the most sublime beautiful albums I’ve heard. Magical, dreamlike, a pleasant sense of drifting through space. Highly recommended.
JazzTime: One of the most beautiful albums released in Scandinavia in modern times. An album that captures Iceland’s soul.Nordische-musik.de: No less than the best introduction to the music and culture of Iceland, which you could want or even imagine.

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyqNgjptmEY
Artist              :Einar Scheving
Album            :Intervals

Released        :Oct, 23, 2015

Label               :MaxJazz- 8900

Country          :US 
Einar Scheving Quartet
Einar Scheving: Drums
Eythor Gunnarsson: Piano
Oskar Gudjonsson: Tenor Sax
Skuli Sverrisson: Electric Bass

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