Clifford Brown. Influences . Carrer

Clifford Brown. Influences . Carrer

Brown was born into a musical family in a progressive East-Side neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware. His father organized his four youngest sons, including Clifford, into a vocal quartet. Around age ten, Brown started playing trumpet at school after becoming fascinated with the shiny trumpet his father owned. At age thirteen, upon entering senior high, his father bought him his own trumpet and provided him with private lessons.

Brown briefly attended Delaware State University as a math major, before he switched to Maryland State College, which was a more prosperous musical environment. Brown played in the fourteen-piece, jazz-oriented, Maryland State Band. In June 1950, he was seriously injured in a car accident after a successful gig. During his year-long hospitalization, Dizzy Gillespie visited the younger trumpeter and pushed him to pursue his musical career. Brown’s injuries limited him to the piano for months. He never fully recovered and would routinely dislocate his shoulder for the rest of his life. Brown moved into playing music professionally, where he quickly became one of the most highly regarded trumpeters in jazz.

Brown was influenced and encouraged by Fats Navarro, sharing Navarro’s virtuosic technique and brilliance of invention. His sound was warm and round, and notably consistent across the full range of the instrument.

Brown won the Down Beat critics’ poll for the “New Star of the Year” in 1954

YouTube Link:
Artist               :Clifford Brown
Album             :Jam Session

Recorded       :Aug, 14, 1954
Released        :Oct, 10, 1955
Label               :EmArcy- MG 36002

Country          :Los Angeles, California
Clifford Brown Band
Junior Mance- piano
Richie Powell – piano
Keter Betts- bass
George Morrow – bass
Clifford Brown- trupmet
Maynard Ferguson- trumpet
Clark Terry- trumpet
Herb Geller – alto saxophone
Harold Land – tenor saxophone
Max Roach – drums
Dinah Washington – vocals

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