Avishai Cohen Trio. From Darkness. US 2015

Avishai Cohen Trio. From Darkness. US 2015

Jazz embraces most idioms, more than any other genre, and it has gone to many ways where it didn’t used to be, which is good. There is jazz tradition but jazz tradition is not to stay in the tradition, so it conflicts itself, which is very interesting. Avishai Cohen. Interview. All About Jazz. 2015. 

The Israeli composer and bassist, go back to the very core of his musical idiom and activity. A belief reinforced by the influence of two outstanding partners, pianist Nitai Hershkovits and drummer Daniel Dor.

This unity between human and sound owes a lot to a virtue brought here to its highest intensity: mutual listening, a soulful and heartful science that presides over the destiny of true music. All even compositions were recorded with the impact of a live performance with clarity.

From Darkness charts a path from obscurity to light. It is indeed a key step in Cohen’s long-term quest for the absolute and for purity. The Art of this trio is rich and condensed swarming with new ideas, reduced to the essential and crossed by a thousand subtly harmonized shades.

YouTube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HsnJL5jqmo
ARTIST              Avishai Cohen
ALBUM              From the Darkness 

COUNTRY          US
RECORDED       Sept. 02. 2015
RELEASED        Aug. 10. 2015
LABEL                Razdaz Recordz ‎– RD4616
Avishai Cohen Trio
Nitai Hershkovits: Piano
Avishai Cohen: Bass, Composer
Daniel Dor: Drums

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