Jim Hall. The Jim Hall Quartet -Live at Birdland. US 2012.

Jim Hall. The Jim Hall Quartet -Live at Birdland. US 2012. (Recorded live at Birdland 2005)

Jim Hall Quartet
•Jim Hall: Guitar
•Greg Osby: Alto Saxophone
•Steve Laspina: Bass
•Joey Baron: Drums

One day, the group’s clarinet player, Angelo Vienna, took me with him to a store to buy a Benny Goodman record. That’s when I first heard Charlie Christian playing with the Benny Goodman Sextet on a record from 1940. I was amazed. Christian played two choruses of blues on Grand Slam. I bought the record right away.” Jim Hall interview, JazzWax, Marc Myers ,2010

Hall’s musical style develops with every new album and collaboration he engages in. His approach to music is unique – he views music as a way to break all barriers, not limited to music, as well as to share his discoveries with others

The Jim Hall Quartet: Live at Birdland has been submitted in the category of Best Jazz Instrumental Album in the 56th Annual Grammy Awards

Album Reviews:
Allmusic: Hall has collaborated successfully. It’s difficult to imagine artists more dissimilar than singer Ella Fitzgerald and saxophonist Ornette Coleman, two of the diverse players in Hall’s discography. As co-leader or sideman, he has fully entered the spirit of others’ music, combining virtuosity with selflessness.

All About Jazz: A defining quality of Hall, much remarked-upon, is lack of egotism. His musical style is a direct extension of his personality, marked by understated, self-effacing humor.

US 2012. (Recorded live at Birdland 2005)


Artist: Jimm Hall
Album: Live at Birdland 
Country: US
Released: May 22, 2012
Recorded: Birdland 2010 Label: 
Jim Hall Quartet
Jim Hall: Guitar
Greg Osby: Alto Saxophone
Steve Laspina: Bass
Joey Baron: Drums

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