Lucky Peterson. Tribute To Jimmy Smith. France 2017

Lucky Peterson. Tribute To Jimmy Smith. US 2017 American multi-instrumentalist Lucky Peterson focuses on Hammond B3 organ for this lively collection of tunes made famous by Jimmy Smith which appears ahead of his UK tour. Peterson has a lifetime of performing on guitar and keyboards behind him with soul, blues and R&B legends such as Willie Dixon,... Continue Reading →

John Zorn. Midsummer Moons. US 2017.

John Zorn. Midsummer Moons. US 2017. I just don't believe in ego that much. I don't think it's just me. I think you can even just talk about community. I could not do this music without these musicians. It's about people. Music is about people for me. It's not about sounds. It's about putting them into... Continue Reading →

Triosence. Hidden beauty. Germany 2017.

Triosence. Hidden beauty. Germany 2017. Triosence have caused a sensation within the music press for some years now. They have been called “the new leading standard”, “an example of musical trinity”, “a highlight that touches you deeply”, “their music makes the sun rise in the west” to name only a few of the positive responses... Continue Reading →

Moondog. The German Years 1977-1999. Germany 2004. 

Moondog. The German Years 1977-1999. Germany 2004. This deluxe double-disc box from Germany's Roof Music contains a collection of Louis Thomas Hardin's music recorded from 1977-1999 entitled The German Years as well as a second disc entitled The Last Concert, Mimi-Festival 1999. There are 44 pages of liner notes that lovingly put the complex music into as much perspective... Continue Reading →

I. Rantala, L. Możdżer, M. Wollny. Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic I. Germany 2013

Iiro Rantala, Leszek Możdżer, Michael Wollny. Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic I. Germany 2013. For the first time in its 25-year history, the Berlin Philharmonic Kammermusiksaal was completely sold out for a jazz concert, with an audience of 1200. Three pianists - Iiro Rantala, Leszek Mozdzer and Michael Wollny proved – as soloists, in duos and as a... Continue Reading →

Bill Laurance. Flint. US 2014

  Bill Laurance. Flint. US 2014 London based pianist and producer Bill Laurance, founding member of the much acclaimed Snarky Puppy, released with Flint his first solo album in 2014. Flint is stylistically very expansive and genre-crossing, bringing in influences of electronic music while its roots stick with Jazz. Laurance creates wide and fascinating soundscapes... Continue Reading →

Gogo Peguine. A Humdrum Star. US 2018.

GOGO PENGUIN. A HUMDRUM STAR. US 2018 There is poetry and precision in GoGo Penguin’s new work—and intimacy and vastness. Their titles tend to speak volumes, in tandem with their evocative instrumentals. They’d actually completed the new album’s track-listing before settling on the name for A Humdrum Star—yet it captures a distinctive tone. It’s taken from a... Continue Reading →

Louis Armstrong. Personality. Race.

Louis Armstrong. Personality. Race. I had a long time admiration for the Jewish People. Especially with their long time of courage, taking so much abuse for so long. I was only seven years old, but I could easily see the ungodly treatment that the White Folks were handing the poor Jewish family whom I worked... Continue Reading →

Omar Sosa, Seckou Keita. Transparent Water.US 2017

Omar Sosa, Seckou Keita. Transparent Water.US 2017 Cuban-born multi-instrumentalist Omar Sosa is a prolific, much lauded performer known for his genre-bending recordings fusing Latin jazz, African traditions, avant-garde improvisation and classical music. Born on April 10, 1965 in Camaguey, Cuba, Sosa began studying music at age five while attending the Escuela Provincial de Musica in... Continue Reading →

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